We are showing all BPL matches in HD quality. Our main BPL channels is 1HD and 11HD, which show all the top BPL games each week.

Champions League, the top games are exclusively broadcasted on 1HD, while the other games are on 2HD to 8HD. As for the rest of the leagues such as La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Europa League; in addition to all other football competitions are all broadcasted on 2HD to 8HD.

11HD, 12HD and 13HD are the main English language channels. 14HD, 15HD and 16HD are the French language channels, while 17HD is broadcasting in Spanish language.

Packages and prices

For full information about our prices please visit our subscribe page

The cost would be based on the difference between the current subscription credit and the price of the new package.

For more information, please visit My beIN

How to subscribe, renew or upgrade

  • TV subscription

You can subscribe by visiting one of our authorized dealers. For more information, please visit our dealers page

Or you can subscribe by contacting our following partners:

    • Mobily in Saudi Arabia
    • Etisalat in the UAE
    • du in the UAE


  • Digital subscription (beIN CONNECT service)

To watch the live streaming on personal computers, laptops, tablet and smart phone devices, chromecast and home devices you can subscribe by visiting beIN CONNECT


To know your subscription expiry date, please visit My beIN

You can access your account through My beIN and go to our  ePAY page to renew and pay your monthly installments online.

ePAY is a new renewal method that makes renewing your subscription easier and requires no effort.

With ePAY, you can renew wherever and whenever you want through any internet connected device. It’s Fast, Easy, and Secure!

Or, please visit your nearest authorized dealer.

Technical questions

In case you have a receiver labeled with beIN, then No

To make sure that all our channels are available on your receiver, please watch the video

Yes, we have two FTA channels “beIN SPORTS and beIN SPORTS NEWS” free to watch. You can easily find the frequencies of our free channels.

You can also watch these channels on our website beIN CONNECT

And by visiting our iOS application page: https://itunes.apple.com/qa/app/bein-sports/id784542009

Or our Android application page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ptv.bein.mena

Please watch the following video.

You can do so by pressing the “Language” button on your remote control.

You can adjust or delete channels by following these steps:

  • Press the “beIN” button on your remote control
  • Press settings
  • Press edit channels

Following this, you can also adjust, delete or move the desired channels

To add channels, please follow these steps:

  • Press the “beIN” button on your remote control
  • Press “Settings”
  • Press “Installation”
  • Press “beIN Installation”

To add the free channels, please follow these steps:

  • Press the “beIN” button on your remote control
  • Press “Settings”
  • Press “Installation”
  • Press “Free to air installation”

You can do so by pressing the “Language” button on your remote control.

As part of our continuous endeavors to constantly improve beIN subscribers’ TV viewing experience, we have decided to discontinue AJS STB (IR 3000 HD).
Currently if you are using Al Jazeera Sport STB IR 3000H HD nothing happens to your subscription. However; upon your subscription expiration, you will need to purchase one of our modern beIN receivers

Contact your nearest dealer for more information.


beIN CONNECT gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite sports and entertainment any time and any place from your computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android) within the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region:

Algeria, Bahrain, Chad, Djibouti, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine (including the Gaza Strip and the West Bank), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

beIN SPORTS and beIN SPORTS News channels are free to view from around the world.

If you have the complete subscription satellite TV subscriber and your package includes complimentary to beIN CONNECT, you can activate the online service to enjoy our channels any time.


Learn more about our packages by visiting beIN CONNECT


You need to have a beIN CONNECT account.

If you do not have an account, then you need to create one by simply following the steps on our subscription page

If you already have a login account, simply press the ‘Sign In’ button on top of the page and enter your details. Once logged in successfully, choose a suitable package and complete your payment.

On your computer/laptop, you can enjoy beIN CONNECT service 

  1. PC: Internet Explorer and/or Firefox
  2. Mac: Safari and/or Firefox

Or on your smart phone and tablet devices:

  1. By downloading the iOS application from this link https://itunes.apple.com/qa/app/bein-sports/id784542009
  2. Or by downloading the Android application from this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ptv.bein.mena

beIN CONNECT is compatible with:

  • iPhone 5S and above
  • iPad mini 2 and above and iPad Air and above

To download Microsoft Silverlight, and for more information about the installation instructions and system requirements, please visit the below link http://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/get-started/install/default.aspx

You will be able to watch all the live events immediately once you subscribe to beIN CONNECT

  1. Visit bein.com/redeem
  2. Create and validate your CONNECT account
  3. Select the relevant offer, enter the code and activate

Sign in to your account, go to My account and then to My personal details.

Sign in to your account, go to ‘My account/My subscription’, go to the payment method section. Then click on ‘Change’.

You are allowed to register 3 devices. If you want to use a new device, you need to sign in, go to My account/My connected devices and remove one from the list by clicking on the ‘Delete’ button.

Our channels are streamed in full HD. The quality of the stream largely depends on the connection speed you receive from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and on the device you are using. We provide the stream at various speeds (bit rates) which will be picked up from your broadband speed along with the processor speed of your computer.

If you have a login account whether you are a previous subscriber or a previous user, simply press the ‘Sign In’ button on top of the page and enter your details. After making sure you logged in successfully, go to ‘My account/My subscription’ and click on the ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Pay’ button.

If you have a valid subscription with beIN CONNECT service and you wish to stop it, please sign in, go to ‘My account/My subscription’ and click on ‘Unsubscribe’ button.

If you have a registered beIN CONNECT account, please sign in and then go to My account/Need help?

Alternatively, if you do not, please contact us through our contact center page